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    Our ambition to providing a first class service in the Middle East and Africa

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    Since 2000 our mission has been to provide safer drinking water locally

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    To meet and exceed customer expectations through innovation

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    We're a key player in the UAE commercial water market where we have establish

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Water is at the heart to many of the world’s problems. Clean drinking water gives life to the millions of people who are thirsty and dying around the world.You and I have the power to affect this change one community and village at a time. When we solve the world’s water crisis –the pain of disease, hunger, and suffering

About Us

Since 2000 we have built a business on our reputation. Our objective is always to achieve the right result for every client implementing plans that are workable and simple.

Water Technology Co L.L.C. is a leading company in Water & wastewater Treatment based in the United Arab Emirates in Sharjah with a high standard of service and quality products at competitive prices. We Supply water and wastewater treatment plants (RO plants, swimming pools, grey water……), central cooling systems, chemicals, equipments, instruments and spare parts to the regional water market in the Middle East.

Provide all after sales services such as commissioning, maintenance, repair and troubleshooting for the supplied equipments and products in the workshop established in the region.Our challenge is to provide equipment and engineered solutions that are highly suitable for the environment and the actual demand in the Water Technology Region. We work with international quality manufacturers to enable effective technology transfer and localize systems.